Emotion drives behaviour

At Disruptivmedia we know that by tapping into the audience's emotions, we can help our clients engage and influence them.

About us

We knew the best way to share our story would be to make a video. So we did. Please click on the video to find out more about us and if we're the correct fit for you. If you like what you see and hear, get in touch.  

How we work 

The outlined deliverables detailed below

are provided as a guide. Every video will

have its own unique elements; final stages and deliverables will be 

defined in collaboration with you, during

the strategic discovery phase.


  • Discovery form completed​

  • Client meeting​

  • Video purpose defined

  • Video audience defined

  • Narrative structure defined

  • Prioritisation of needs​

  • Define tactics​

  • ​Stakeholder alignment​


  • Director​​

  • Shot list 

  • Sound Operator

  • Camera crew

  • Lighting equipment 

  • Audio equipment

  • Locations confirmed​

  • Script development​

  • Mood boards / Visual style​

  • Consent forms​

  • Storyboarding

  • Drones​

  • Gimbals


  • Delivery of edit within agreed timescales​

  • Colour grading​

  • Sound mix​

  • Royalty-free music​ added

  • Rounds of amendments where required​

  • Graphics added

  • SFX added

  • Final video delivered digitally across shared platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive.​​


  • Marketing guide shared

  • Channel recommendations

  • Marketing partner recommendations

  • Marketing consultation 


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