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Welcome to Disruptiv Media, my name is Matt, and I am the founder and creative director. What is Disruptive Media? Consider me your one-stop shop for professional video and photography production. How Can I Help You? I can give your video marketing strategy focus and a clear direction and take care of all the pre-production planning, production, and post-production stages.

About Disruptivmedia

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I have had a rewarding and successful time working with large brands like the NHS, Ladbrokes, and Disney, along with many SMEs throughout London and the country's southeast. I am based in Brighton, and although I love how varied my work can be, the biggest sense of achievement I get is from working with my clients to find the most compelling and engaging ways to tell their stories and give them that all-important ROI.

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We can script, storyboard, cast, location plan and ensure everything is set for production. 

Video Camera Lens


We use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of Premier Pro, After Effects, Lightroom and Photoshop to produce your assets. 


For us to produce the best video content, we will learn about your strategy and use our expertise and experience to achieve it

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We use a range of 4K cameras, gimbals, drones, lights, and audio equipment to shoot your footage.

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