A well-cut, high quality "highlights" video will capture your event or conference in a way that is both engaging and informative. It opens up your event to a wider audience and helps you reach people who might not otherwise be able to attend. 


We film events all over UK - we're experts at capturing all the important aspects/elements from interviews to key note speakers.  Whether in house small meetings or large conferences at hotels & event halls, we'll produce films that showcase your events and tell a great story.


A video is a video, right? Well, maybe not. Streaming videos on the internet can be done in real-time (live) or in playback mode.  In a post Covid world, live streaming events have become even more popular.  We can broadcast your event on YouTube, Twitch and many other platforms to increase reach and maximise engagement.   

If you’re organising an event and want a high-quality video to capture the excitement, contact us today.