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5 Video Marketing Tips For Business Owners On Social Media

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

If you are a business owner, then it will not have escaped your attention that video marketing is essential to your organisation. In this short blog I am going to be exploring the challenges and how to overcome them, whilst giving you a realistic no-nonsense assessment of creating, producing and publishing video content on your social media channels.

1. You will be ignored (at first)

This is just a simple fact. When you start publishing video content the most likely scenario is you will be ignored. You will not get thousands of views and likes and it may all seem rather pointless. Expect this and you will not be disheartened. This is a positive, because the more content you start to produce the better you will get at it. This way your early efforts can be a testing ground. Be in this for the long haul and do not think 5 videos will set the world alight because they will not.

2. Strategy

The only way you can sustain the output needed to attract an audience to your content is by planning your strategy. Know who you are talking to and why. How is what you are saying adding value to them. The content needs to offer something over and above simply your products and services. Write down all your ideas and then use a content calendar to plan out a schedule. Put time aside to record content and maintain a consistency. It is really important to put in the action and let go of outcomes.

3. Emotions

Plonking yourself down in-front of a camera and hitting record is a nerve-racking thing to do even when it is just you and the camera. Unless your super-duper confident and nothing and no-one phases you, it is likely you will have some internal emotional barriers to overcome. You might not like how you sound or look and even though you are an expert in your field you might de-value what you have to say. You might feel that your content is unoriginal, and it has all been said before. It is likely you will be super critical of yourself in a way no-one else will be of you and will compare what you do to others and fall short. You cannot compare what you feel on the inside to what you see people project on the outside. Trust that these emotions lessen with time and practice.

4. Equipment

You own a smart phone. That is all you need. I could just leave this section here, but it is worth talking about. We all have a good camera in our pockets so the ability to film and publish video content has never been easier. Of course, you can spend money on lights, mics and better camera's, and you will of course need to edit your content, add things like subtitles, logos and call to actions, but all of that can be outsourced. Focus on what you are saying not what you are saying it into.

5. Stamina

At times it will feel like you are shouting out into a black uncaring, unhearing void but stay the course and believe in yourself. What makes you unique is exactly that YOU. You will find your tribe and if you plan and produce great content it will start to deliver results. The most important thing is start doing it.

Good luck!

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