Event & live streaming production

Capturing the buzz and excitement of live events for our clients is something we love to do.  


Annual conference 

We can create an exciting highlights video, capture keynote speakers and interview attendees.  


One off events

Capture your panel discussion in front of a live audience. Film your keynote speeches and seminars.       

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Trade shows

We can film your customers' vox pops, showcase your stand and team and deliver a stunning highlights film.  

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You've got fantastic guests and content to share.  Fill your digital channels with promotional clips and then release the full video to your audience.

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Live events 

Stream your panel discussions and live Q&A's across your digital channels. Schedule a live product launch and invite your target audience.         

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Product launch

Generate buzz for your new product and interact live with your audience. Reach more people with less cost, and re-purpose material for re-marketing. 

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