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Events & Live Streaming

We offer exceptional video production services for conferences, events, awards, and product launches of all types and sizes. We use the latest technology and techniques to capture every aspect of your event from keynote speeches, presentations, awards, and much more. 


In addition, we offer customisable live-streaming solutions to reach a wider audience and engage with attendees who are unable to be there in person.

Conferences: We provide high-quality corporate conference video production services that capture every important moment of your event. Our experienced team offers a range of services including multi-camera coverage, drone footage, live streaming, keynote speaker recordings, and highlight reels. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to deliver your video on time and within budget.

TradeshowsOne of the best ways to promote your products to your target customers is through trade shows. By hiring DisruptivMedia, we can be there and capture live demonstrations of your products in use, film soundbites and vox pops, and all the action.

Live StreamingPeople are spending more time at home, thanks to remote working opportunities and It has become more important than ever before to provide access to your events. With our help, you can have multi-camera shoots and live streaming across your digital platforms that will ensure members of your target audience everywhere can be reached. 

Awards & Events: Training and educational videos are essential tools for businesses to educate their employees, clients, or customers. We will produce creative training and educational videos that are informative, engaging, and easy to understand, making it easier for your audience to learn and retain information.

Webinars: Live or recorded presentations on a specific topic or product. These videos can include Q&A sessions, interactive elements, and other features to engage the audience.

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